Logistics is an important part of supply chain management. In addition, it also includes the planning, handling and management of goods, services and information up to the point of consumption. Logistics aligns complex patterns of traffic and transportation, shipping and receiving, import and export operations, warehousing, inventory management, procurement, production planning and customer service. Companies see logistics as a supply chain.

In this 21st century economy, logistics has become an important part of supply chain management and consumer demand. In less than two decades, logistics management has influenced product movement to meet or exceed consumer demand. Companies saw that they could reduce costs and increase productivity by managing logistics on systems theory and managing the company holistically to boost performance.

Supply chain management always has to focus on logistics in order to meet the demands of the consumer on time. Consumers these days often order products using iPods, iPhones, smartphones and tablets waiting for their product to reach them within 24-48 hours. needs to improve the logistics of its supply chain

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