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Supply Chain Newsmakers Video: Building a COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

By November 23, 2020No Comments

It’s not a hidden fact that the hunt for the COVID-19 vaccine is heating up. Scientists and medical companies all over the world are researching and developing around 100 candidates with at least 10 currently in the phases of human testing. This report is published and said by the World Health Organization.

Speeding The Development

COVID-19 vaccines could be ready for some frontline workers and at-risk populations later this year or early 2021. Unlike with traditional development timelines, interested parties are throwing money at this development process to speed up availability.

David Simchi-Levi, director of the MIT Data Science said,

“We don’t know which vaccines will be successful. This process is typically sequential”.

Process of making a vaccine!!

  • The process of making vaccines starts with the lab trials.
  • After lab testing, researchers move to animal testing and ultimately to humans.
  • Then they build up manufacturing capability depending on the vaccine technology used.

“We cannot afford a sequential process. We need to start the manufacturing capacity today, and the problem is it requires significant investment,” David Simchi-Levi said.

NOTE: The COVID-19 vaccines would not all be available at once, giving suppliers and manufacturers additional time to ramp up and continue production. COVID-19 vaccine process becomes parallel instead of sequential, it’s only part of the larger preparedness equation. “We’re not in the position to think about one system at a time,” Louissaint said. “This is normally the time we’d be planning for the flu season.”


The main problem in distribution is that various parties here are not connecting. When it comes to the distribution of a product, convection plays a very important role. An industry webinar was hosted by STAT media group, a trade industry visitor in Mumbai said, “Shippers and Manufacturers are not connecting.”