When it comes to receiving delivery against the order made during online shopping, getting excited and happy simultaneously is common. Because the package we receive is generally large and well packed compared to the item we ordered. This creates a delusion that the product inside may be large or must be accompanied by some extra gifts. But once we open the package, we encounter a small size of the item and realize it was just an empty box filled with air and the product is so small that the extra space was unnecessary.

Last-mile delivery has made our life smooth and easy but it has added an extra amount to our spendings. Here are few things that are the result of large shipped boxes:

Wastage of resources: Large boxes or packages for small products only creates wastage of many resources. Extra papers are wasted, labor to carry extra weight, extra fuel to carry the bulky item, etc. These can be saved by narrowing down the size of the package.

Extra price: Companies tend to extract the incurred cost from customers only. Consequently, large boxes add up to the cost of goods and thus results in extended prices. Extra filler is another item in the package that adds up to the product’s cost. Some companies openly informed customers that the size of the package will be directly proportional to the price of the product


To launch and run a successful e-commerce business, it is imperative to pay due attention to the entire supply chain and not just the orders. Also, they should optimize the packaging so that the delivery boy can carry more items and deliver the goods at a time. Along with increased profit, the company will be recognized for adopting green delivery. Cutting down on large packaging can certainly satisfy the customer, carrier, and companies.

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